Today more than ever, financial issues impact every aspect of our lives. At Otto & Associates, we believe that helping our clients make sound financial decisions begins with learning who they are, getting a complete picture of their current fianacial situation, and understanding their goals. Only then can we offer a balanced, integrated strategy to anser our clients' financial questions - whether simple or complex - and help them achieve their goals.


The first step in becoming our client is an initial consultation session. Prior to this meeting, you provide documents and information that will help us understand your overall financial picture. We will use this information to assess your current financial circumstances and look at your long-term financial future. Beyond big-picture feedback on your situation and investments, we can discuss specific issues of interest to you, and use this meeting as a time for each of us to ask any additional questions that arise.

The charge for the initial consultation is $1,000, and the meeting usually lasts for ninety minutes. Based on the first meeting, you will make a plan for how you wish to proceed. Some clients take our recommendations and implement them on their own, coming back to us for financial check-ups and advice as needed. For this, we charge hourly rates.


Other clients prefer an ongoing financial planning relationship. Financial issues often need monitoring on a regular basis, particuarly with investments. This means that we manage clients' assets, as well as consult on other aspects of their financial life including taxes, budgeting, insurance, retirement planning, gifts to charities or children, big ticket purchases, and cash flow. Our fee for ongoing financial planning is an annual charge of 1% of investment assets per year paid quarterly in advance, with a minimum of $300,000 of investable assets. This fee is reduced to 0.5% for assets in excess of $1,250,000.