We are pleased to present you with the Spring Newsletter.  In this edition we begin with the effect on clients of a significant upcoming change in the custodian who holds all client funds at Otto & Associates.  While Charles Schwab bought TD Ameritrade more than two years ago, the merger will actually take affect for us in early September.  We explain what changes you can expect as a result of this merger.


The second article is designed to lower your blood pressure when you read a headline on some financial matter that is likely to make you upset.  That is followed by reference to a booklet dealing with various transitions that go along with aging and is written both for those who are getting older, as well as for family and friends who might be called on to help an older person.


After 11 wonderful years, Joan Poulin is retiring from O&A.  Joan will certainly be missed, and she has written a letter saying goodbye.


The Newsletter concludes with some wisdom on investing and Office Matters.  Happy reading. 

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